The return of Bella Capricia: Estrogen power

I struggled through the crowd in front of hotel "Excelsior" and then I saw her. The unique and
unforgettable Bella Capricia Transparanta appeared at the entrance with a face distorted in a horrible grimace. Three men in gray uniforms were holding her, as she rushed like a wild animal to knock down two of them. I looked towards the car that sped away, but my tears and excitement transformed the vivid autumn scene into something like a post-impressionistic painting. The story is again boring, prosaic and inevitably logical, but deserves to be told because of the really deep and tense symbolism hidden behind it. As it turned out, Bella Capricia had immortal qualities in a literal sense. The cypress trees over her grave in southern France still sway their branches and caress the gilded boar, which adorns the sculptural ensemble.
The famous "bon vivant" Ludwig Ferocci Crocketti was drinking martini and studying the text of a Danish
philosopher, which presented the theme of repetition. The essay had two main lines, dealing with the informal logic, concerning image and model and pinpointing the analogy between recurrences in the life of certain people and their strong character.
Ludwig did not understand the strange thoughts. Perhaps the loud music that resounded in the room was
distracting him.
It was the memorable overture to "Tannhauser" in virtuoso piano performance.
He scratched his head and yawned, then stopped his eyes on the black table covered with a yellow

newspaper, showing a picture of the greatest woman ever.
Soon after, a thundering clatter was heard in the hall, in the irregular beat of 11/8 time signature. Ludwig broke in cold sweat and almost passed out. The door opened noisily, the plates fell down and he saw the double bass curves of a familiar female silhouette. They engaged in a dialogue, but he felt that there was a clown standing on the side, who was showing him big, white plates with inscriptions on them - the lines he had to say. On the final plate he read the word "duck" (not the verb, but the name of that sweet bird). Suddenly something was blinking in his head and his nose was stinging. There was a second blow, he saw stars, and felt as if a door to a great big furnace suddenly opened. Ludwig saw schoolgirls in red coats who chased near the edge of a cliff and his muscles contracted.
At that moment, as they say, the great black curtain descended.
The irksome trial for the murder of Roger Fabien / Ludwig Crocketti was widely reflected in the media. In the process the court staff employed an artist to visually reconstruct the crime. In the main hall there was
ongoing debate in relation to both wild boars and the female nature, as well as what may cause the clash between the two.
The defendant repeatedly attacked the jury and they eventually had her tied. The protocols stated that
the murder weapon was a hard object, resembling a mace (maybe two). The scene of the tragedy was splashed with blood, spaghetti and tomato sauce. By the grand piano in the corner there was a bizarre - and somewhat lonely - bronze boar. Due to lack of any witnesses and any evidence (not even a hair or a molecule was found) the investigators relied on words, that could be heard in the ventilation shaft. This is a defining moment.
The tragedy took place on the fifth floor of the "Ambassador" hotel and the apartment just above
was occupied by the Beethovens - a retired colonel who served in the artillery and his wife, ordinary people of respectable age. They suddenly heard weird noises in their room, and rushed to the metal grate in the corner. It should be duly noted that the voice timbre is transformed due to the metal properties,  and as a consequence all sound is solidly distorted. Thus, sonorant vowels and the common consonants can not be heard clearly, or qiute often they are heard as another sound: for example the word "kill" is heard as "heal".
Paul Beethoven was summoned to testify on the witness stand. His testimony was recorded
verbatim and signed by him. Bella Capricia barely evaded conviction after telltale words: "Wagner was a witness and the cauliflower listened!" (Although colonel Beethoven could not confirm all this, because he suffers from inflammation of the inner ear, an occupational disease in his case.)
The defendant was acquitted, because of lack of evidence and perhaps this is for the better.
It is said that today she is engaged in charity donations and shares her generousity with the pink 

flamingo birds. The radiant and immortal Bella Capricia Transparanta tours the private reserves in the Caribbean and the pink graces are overjoyed with her unique voice.
And yes, the image above is the work of an artist (that one, who was hired by the court), but before its
creation the judges delicately asked him to mitigate the brutal scene and recreate what happened "as if it might develop otherwise."

Copyright © 2008 Christian Alexandrov