The divine Bella Capricia is now gone! She is lost forever!

This story is both prosaic and highly moving, what makes it so irresistible
is just the main character - Bella Capricia Transparanta, the immortal Bella Capricia.
They call her  "the rose of the sunrise", "the mystical emerald", "the golden Celtic
chariot "- all nicknames won because of her astonishing soprano.

English speakers use the unequivocal word "to dwarf", when comparing Capricia to Callas.
And they call her "divine", which has two meanings.
People called her "divine" because of her superiority over others,
she was like a daughter of the gods; but also "heavenly divine",
because of some rather "alien qualities" and inhuman nature,
which she had in herself.
The whole enigma of this opera monster remained a mystery throughout her life,
largely due to a strange approach when communicating with others -
it was either consciously or instinctively created, or it was a mere haphazard.
In her interviews and casual conversations, she selected words that seemingly downplayed
the meaning behind the sentences and because of this, people quickly forgot them,
despite the strict logic of her mind.
At other times she used simple, slightly outdated forms of speech, expressing her thoughts precisely and accurately.
Her personality was too controversial - she was icy, but passionate woman,
radiating wildness, combined with almost obvious ignorance.
Her black shiny hair contrasted with her smooth white skin, just like a milk drinking raven.
Bella`s silhouette was rounded, but graceful,
with titanic breasts rising like two buoys in stormy waters.
Her demise was as tragic, as it was farcical.
In the culture circles all whispered her name as if she were an ancient idol,
bitter grief of loss was mixed with unspeakable awe.
The circumstances surrounding her death then clarified, and euphemisms such as
"accident" and "adversity" gave way to the right words.
The day after her death, an article came out, which falsely claimed,
that Bella Capricia had died "after her square agate gemstone ring got caught
in a factory conveyor machine."

Roger (or Roger pronounced in French) Fabien was ardent devotee of Bella Capricia,
who sacrificed all his life and personal interests, just to give her all
and to become her shadow and confidant.
His name is obviously an alias, his origin is unidentified, but one thing is certain -
he was born in Saint Petersburg.
Roger and Bella Capricia were very close friends and their relationship was highly spiritual,
but having strange erotic manifestations, that confused people that they are lovers.
The two of them were inseparable, and apparently their union could be defined
with only one word ... complicity.
Roger accompanied her on her tours of the most glamorous and prestigious European scenes.
He watched her in awe and admiration from the most luxurious seats in the opera houses
amidst echoing applause and rainfalls of flowers.
Roger (or Roger pronounced in French) striked as a very stingy man,
although living in extravagant hotel suites and making very good earns from gambling.

The circumstances surrounding the death of the great soprano are ... too horrible.
The awkward truth is that Bella Capricia did not die in a factory for underwear packaging,
as said the early reports, but she slipped and fell under the blades of a running machine
in a slaughterhouse for cattle.
Roger Fabien remained stubbornly silent on this issue, but soon a quite striking fact
became evident  - her manic attraction to blood.
Of course, there was nothing monstrous or demonic in this, it was well known
that she repeatedly visited slaughterhouses, because she drew great inspiration from the scarlet jets, she could not find anywhere else.
The red plasma contemplation, the so-called "water of the sword" (and of the butcher machines)
transformed her voice fabulously, and if normally she was just a great singer,
the subsequent ecstasy gave her vibrato and the upper octaves such touching tenderness,
that compares to nothing, and the resulting trance as if made the
audience spread white wings and soar in the sky.
Thus her rich and magical voice became a revelation of the beginning and the end,
like it was separating darkness from light, or naming the nameless and creating miracles.

After her tragic end, Roger (or Roger in French) secluded himself in his temporary dwellings
and often watched archival footage of her performances.
For some unknown reason he ordered the manufacture of a huge bronze boar
and entrusted some skillful Parisian founders with the difficult task.
There are two interpratations of this mysterious act - either he wanted the  wild animal
to remind him of the expansive and fiery temper of his beloved Bella
or he saw it as a symbol of the slaughtered animals, which immortalized her unique voice.
Roger changed his quarters often, but kept hauling the boar with him.
This is almost inexplicable, given its terrible weight.
According to his neighbors in the most prestigious hotels, the boar sang at night,
mostly during full moon, with the voice of the immortal idol,
the miracle Bella Capricia Transparanta.

Resemblance to any actual persons and events is purely coincidental.
Copyright © 2008 Christian Alexandrov

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